O céu sobre a região russa foi fechado após ataque com drones ao aeródromo militar

O céu sobre a região de Saratov, na Rússia, foi fechado após os UAV ucranianos atacarem o aeródromo militar

An air raid alert went on in the city of Engels, the Saratov region of Russia, in the afternoon of December 29. Eyewitnesses also reported explosions in the area of the military airfield.

It was reported that air defence systems were activated in Engels.

On December 26, Ukrainian UAVs attacked the military airfield in Engels. The drones were shot down, but the falling debris killed three military men on the ground.

Strategic long-range bombers of the Aerospace Forces of Russia are based at the airfield in Engels.

Air defense systems shot down an unknown object in the sky over Engels, the Saratov region, local Governor Roman Busargin said in his Telegram channel.

According to the governor, there was no threat to the safety of residents, no evacuation was required.
The government of the Saratov region closed the sky over the territory. Passenger airplanes fly round of the region. Some of the flights have been delayed indefinitely.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin